The 20th Century Stamp Series 9

C1735a:Sugihara Chi'une C1735b:Kokumin Gakko
established (1941)
C1735c:Attack on
peal Harber(1941)
C1735d:Takamura Koutaro C1735e:Shouwa Shinzan
C1735f:Atomic Bomb on
Hiroshima (1945)
C1735g:Atomic Bomb on
Nagasaki (1945)
C1735h:End of War C1735i-j:Ogon Batto
(Golden bat)
Issue The 20th Century Stamp Series 9
Date of Issue 21 April 2000 (Heisei 12)
Denominations50 yen X 2: (C1735i,C1735j)
80 yen X 8: (C1735a-C1735h)
Quantity 7,000,000 copies each (7,000,000sheets)
Designs Sugihara Chi'uneKokumin Gakko
established (1941)
Attack on
peal Harber(1941)
Takamura Koutaro
Shouwa Shinzan
Atomic Bomb on
Hiroshima (1945)
Atomic Bomb on
Nagasaki (1945)
End of War
Ogon Batto
(Golden bat)
Ogon Batto
(Golden bat)
Image Area 25.0 X 33.5 millimeters25.0 X 33.5 millimeters
25.0 X 33.5 millimeters26.5 X 35.0 millimeters
25.0 X 33.5 millimeters28.05 X 36.5 millimeters
28.05 X 36.5 millimeters 25.0 X 33.5 millimeters
28.05 X 36.5 millimeters 28.05 X 36.5 millimeters
PrintingPhotogravure in 6 colors
SheetA Sheet of ten stamps Picture of the sheet
DesignMorita Motoharu (Public Service Stamp Designer)
First Day of
Issue Postmark
Hiroshima Central Post Office

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( Small Notes for the Issue )

A Sheet of ten stamps consisiting of two 50 yen and eight 80 yen stamps was issued to commemorate the 20th century. The ninth one depicts the eight subjects, which represent the years 1940 to 1945.
C1735a:Sugihara Chi'une (Sempo) (1900-1986), viceconsul in Kaunas, granted visas to 6,000 Jewish people (1940).
C1735b:Compulsory school system of Kokumin Gakko established (1941).
C1735c:Attack on Pearl Harbor, war declared against the US, GB and the Netherlands (1941).
C1735d:"Dotei" by Takamura Kotaro got Imperial Art Academy Award (1942).
C1735e:Showa Shinzan, lava dome, appeared. (1943-45).
C1735f:Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima (August 6,1945).
C1735g:Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki (August 9, 1945).
C1735h:Emperor Hirohito announced the end of the warin a national radio broadcast (August 15, 1945).
C1735i:"Ogon Batto (golden bat)",picture-story show
C1735j:"Ogon Batto (golden bat)",cartoon