The 20th Century Stamp Series 13

C1739a-b: "Hyokkori hyotan-jima" C1739c: "Three Sacred Treasures"  
C1739d: "Ultraman"C1739e: "Baltan" C1739f: GS (group-sounds)C1739g: Kawabata Yasunari,
Ooe Kenzaburo
C1739h: Film "Otokowa tsuraiyo"C1739i: EXPO '70,
the Tower of the Sun
C1739j: Song "Sensowo shiranai kodomotachi" 

IssueThe 20th Century Stamp Series 13
Date of Issue23 August 2000 (Heisei 12)
Denominations50 yen x 2
80 yen x 8
Quantity7,000,000 sheets
意匠 C1739a: "Hyokkori hyotan-jima"C1739b: "Hyokkori hyotan-jima"
C1739c: "Three Sacred Treasures"C1739d: "Ultraman"
C1739e: "Baltan"C1739f: GS (group-sounds)
C1739g: Kawabata Yasunari,
Ooe Kenzaburo
C1739h: Film "Otokowa tsuraiyo"
C1739i: Japan World Exposition, EXPO '70C1739j: Song "Sensowo shiranai kodomotachi"
PrintingPhotogravure in 6 colours
Sheet10 stamps (Picture of the Sheet)
DesignerMorita Motoharu (public service designer of stamps)
First Day of
Issue Postmark
Ibaraki Post Office

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(Small Notes for the Issue)
The thirteenth issue depicts the eight subjects, which represent the years from 1964 to 1971.
C1739a-b: "Hyokkori hyotan-jima," puppet theater on TV, the story on a floating island "Hyotan-jima." Don Gabacho, the president of the island, and Torahige, the pirate (the left stamp), and Hakase, the clever boy, and Lion (the right stamp).
C1739c: Color-television set, car and air conditioner, the modern "Three Sacred Treasures."
C1739d-e: "Ultraman," a popular television series. "Ultraman" (left) and "Baltan," the evil alien aiming to take over the earth (right).
C1739f: GS (group-sounds), the followers of the Beatles, made a boom.
C1739g: Kawabata Yasunari and Ooe Kenzaburo, the winners of the Nobel prize for literature.
C1739h: Film "Otokowa tsuraiyo" (1969). The longest film series ever created in the world. Tora-san, acted by Atsumi Kiyoshi.
C1739i: 1970 Japan World Exposition, EXPO '70. Taiyo-no-tou, the Tower of the Sun, was designed by Okamoto Taro.
C1739j: Song "Sensowo shiranai kodomotachi" by Kitayama Osamu and Sugita Jiro (1971).
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