The 20th Century Stamp Series 7

Ootsuki Fumihiko (1932)
"Tokyo Ondo" (1933)
Enoken Troupe
C1733d-e:Professional baseball team
founded (1934)
C1733f: Hachi-kou,
the faithful dog
Yoshikawa Eiji
SL D51 type introduced (1936)
karasubato died out

IssueThe 20th Century Stamp Series 7
Date of Issue23 February 2000 (Heisei 12)
Denominations50 yen x 2 (C1733h-i)
80 yen x 8
Quantity7,000,000 copies each (7,000,000 sheets)
DesignsC1733a: Ootsuki FumihikoC1733: "Tokyo ondo"
C1733: Enoken TroupeC1733: Professional b aseball team
C1733: Professional b aseball teamC1733: Hachi-kou
C1733: Yoshikawa EijiC1733: SL D51 type (A)
C1733: SL D51 type (B)C1733: Ryukyu-karasubato
PringingPhotogravure in 6 colours
Sheetsheet of ten stamps (Picture of the sheet)
Sheet Size140.25 x 212.5 millimeters
DesignerMorita Motoharu
First Day of
Issue Postmark
Shibuya Post Office

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(Small Notes for the Issue)
The seventh issue depicts the eight subjects, which represent the years from 1932 to 1936.
C1733a: Dictionary of contemporary Japanese, "DAigenkai," by Ootsuki Fumjihiko (1932) was published.
C1733b: "Tokyo ondo" (1933) by Saijo Yaso (words) and Nakayama Shinpei (music).
C1733c: Enoken Troupe esablished (1932) by Enomoto Ken'ichi (1904-1970), singing comedian.
C1733d-e: Professional baseball team founded (1934). The team visited the US in 1935.
C1733f: First satue of Hachikou, faithful dog, erected in Shibuya, Tokyo, in 1934.
1733g: Novel "Miyamoto Musashi" by Yoshikawa Eiji published (1935).
C1733h-i: Steam Locomotive D51 type introduced in 1936, and the 1,115 cars were made by 1945.
C1733j: Ryukyu-karasubato (Columba Jouyi) died out in Okinawa.