The 20th Century Stamp Series 5

C1731a: Film, "Kurama Tengu" C1731b: First Metro (1927) C1731c: Metro in Tokyo (1927) C1731d: Radio Calisthenics
C1731e: Amsterdam Olympic
Games, Tsuruta Yoshiyuki
C1731f: Amsterdam Olympic
Games, Oda Mikio
C1731g: Amsterdam Olympic
Games (1928)
C1731h: Amsterdam Olympic
Games, Hitome Kinu'e
C1731i: Heyday of Cafe C1731j: Hayashi Fumiko

IssueThe 20th Century Stamp Series 5
Date of Issue21 January 2000 (Heisei 12)
Denominations50 yen x 2: (C1731b-c)
80 yen x 8
Quantity7,000,000 copies each (7,000,000 sheets)
DesignsC1731a: Film "Kurama Tengu"C1731b: First Metro in Asia (A)
C1731c: First Metro in Asia (B)C1731d: Radio calisthenics
C1731e: Amsterdam Olympic Games
Tsuruta Yoshiyuki
C1731f: Amsterdam Olympic Games
Oda Mikio
C1731g: Amsterdam Olympic Games
C1731h: Amsterdam Olympic Games
Hitomi Kinu'e
C1731i: Heyday of CafeC1731j: Hayashi Fumiko
PrintingPhotogravure in 6 colours
SheetA sheet of ten stamps (Picture of the sheet)
Sheet Size140.25 x 212.5 millimeters
DesignerMorita Motoharu
First Day of
Issue Postmarki
Tokyo Central Post Office

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(Small Notes for the Issue)
The fifth series depicts the six subjects, which represent the years from 1927 to 1928.
C1731a: Film "Kurama Tengu"(1927) starring Arashi Kanjurou.
C1731b-c: December 1927, the first metro in Japan and Asia was opened to public between Ueno and Asakusa in Tokyo, which is a part of the present Ginza Line.
C1731d: Radio calisthenics started in November 1928.
C1731e: Amsterdam Olympic games (1928). Tsuruta Yoshiyuki set a new Olympic record of 2:48.4 in the 200-meter breast stroke, becoming the first Japanese swimmer to win a gold medal.
C1731f: Amsterdam Olympic games (1928). Oda Mikio became Japan's first Olympic gold medal holder bywinning the riple jump competition.
C1731g: Amsterdam Olympic games (1928).
C1731h: Amsterdam Olympic games (1928). Hitomi Kinu'e placed second in the 800-meter run, becoming the first Japanese woman to win an Olympic medal.
C1731i: Heyday of Cafe.
C1731j: "Hourouki (Journal of a Vagabond)" by Hayashi Fumiko (1903-1951).