Fabric&Dyed Textile of Okinawa


Issue Fabric&Dyed Textile of Okinawa
Date of IssueMarch 17, 2000 ( Heisei 12 )
Denomination50 yen
DesignAbaca cloth with trasitional pttern
by Tamanaha Yukou ( traditional dyer) 
Size30.0 X 25.5 millimeters  
PrintingOffset in 5 colors
Sheet20 stamps ( 5 X 4 )
Photographer Asato Moriaki 
Sold atPost Office in Okinawa, and the
appointed post offices
First Day of
Issue Postmark
 Naha Central Post Office

Fabric&Dyed Textile of Okinawa, Pane

IssueFabric&Dyed Textile of Okinawa, Pane
Price500 yen ( 50 yen X 10 stamps )
Size of Pane160.0 X 51 0 millimeters 
Sheet10 stamps ( 5 X 2 )

Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalog ( JSCA ) and SAKURA Catalog number are adopted.

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( Small Notes for the Issue )

Abaca cloth is one of the traditional products, which used to be produced in the entire area of Okinawa to make people's year-round clothes.
"Bingata" is Okinawa's traditional dyeing.