Azumino, Hometown of Soushunfu

Issue Azumino, Hometown of Soushunfu
Date of IssueMarch 23, 2000 ( Heisei 12 )
Denomination80 yen
DesignAzumino, Hometown of Soushunfu
Size22.5 X 33.0 millimeters  
PrintingPhotogravure in 5 colors
Sheet20 stamps each ( 4 X 5 )
DesignerOoshima Kazuyoshi ( oil painter )  
Sold atPost Offices in Nagano, Niigata, and the
appointed post offices
First Day of
Issue Postmark
 Hodaka Post Office

Azumino, Hometown of Soushunfu Pane

IssueAzumino, Hometown of Soushunfu Pane
Price800 yen ( 80 yen X 10 stamps )
Size of Pane51.0 X 190.0 millimeters  
Sheet10 stamps ( 2 X 5 )
Catalog NO. R391P

Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalog ( JSCA ) and SAKURA Catalog numbers are adopted.

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( Small Notes for the Issue )

Azumino is famous for its beautiful nature especially in early spring when the reflection of the snowy mountains on paddy fields is brilliant.
The song "Soushunfu ( song of the early spring )" was written by Yoshimaru Kazumasa inspired by the beauty of Azumino.
Soushunfu song festival is annually held in April in the town.