Traditional Events in Kyoto

R590 R591 R592 R593
IssueTraditional Events in Kyoto
First DayMay 1 ,2003
Values50 yen x 4,se-tenant strip of four
DesignsR590: Aoi-matsuri, carriage decorated with Japanese wistaria
R591: Gion-masturi, festival float
R592: Okuribi, the fire to send off the spirits at Mt.Nyoigatake
R593: Jidai-matsuri, royal carriage
Size22.5 x 33.0 millimeters, vertical
PrintingOffset in 5 colors
Sheet20 ( 4 x 5 )
DesignersIdou Masao (wood block print artist)

The data are based on Postal Services Agency's publicity.

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