New Year's Stamps for 2004

N99 N100

Issue New Year's Stamps for 2004
First Day November 14, 2003
Sales From November 14, 2003 to January 9, 2004
Values N99: 50 yen
N100: 80 yen
Quantity N99: 40,000,000
N100: 15,000,000
Designs N99: Wooden Monkey in Noh costume by Nishikawa Nan'un II
N100: the Himeji papier-mâché successful monkey by Matsuo Takashi IV
Size 18.5 x 25.5 mm , vertical
Printing N99: Photogravure in 6 colors
N100: Photogravure in 5 colors
Sheet N99: 100 stamps (10 x 10)
N100: 20 stamps (4 x 5)
Designers N99: Kaifuchi Junko
N100: Hoshiyama Ayaka

The data are based onPostal Services Agency's publicity.
Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalog (JSCA) & SAKURA Catalog numbers are adopted

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