Animation Hero and Heroine Series II

C1973a-b C1973g-h
C1973c-d C1973i-j

Issue Animation Hero and Heroine Series II
First Day 1 August 2005
Quantity 1,300,000 sets
Values 80yen 50yen
Designs C1973a: Amuro Ray C1973g:Wing Gundam,
mobile suit
C1973b: Gundam,
mobile suit
C1973h: Heero Yuy
C1973c: Char's Zaku,
mobile suit
C1973i: Freedom Gundam /
Kira Yamato
C1973d: Char Aznable C1973j: Justice Gundam /
Athrun Zala
C1973e: Kamille Bidan
C1973f: Z Gundam, mobile suit
Size 28.05 x 33.50 mm
Printing Offset in 6 colours
Shee 10 stamps (2 x 5) sheet
Printer    Cartor Security Printing

The data are based on the publicity of Japan Post.

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[Note on the Stamps]
"Mobile Suit Gundam," the first series of Gundam saga, was originally started as a serial television program in April 1979. By the detailed setting and presentation, but not fitting the existing didactic animation stories, Gundam made a boom.