New Year's Stamps for 2006

N107 N108

IssueNew Year's Stamps for 2006
First Day15 November 2005
SalesFrom 15 November 2005 to 10 January 2006
Values N107: 50 yen N108: 80 yen
Quantity 32,500,000 copies 6,000,000 copies
Designs Akita Dog Sadowara clay doll "dog"
Size 18.9 x 22.5 mm, vertical 19.0 x 25.5 mm, vertical
Printing Photogravure in 5 colours Photogravure in 5 colours
Sheet 100 stamps (10 x 10) 20 stamps (4 x 5)
Designers Hoshiyama Ayaka
(stamp designer)
Kaifuchi Junko
(stamp designer)
Printer National Printing Bureau

The data are based on the Publicity of Japan Post.

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[Note on Stamps]
The New Year's stamps depict Akita dog and Sadowara clay doll "dog" in association with the year of dog.