Greetings (Eto Calligraphy)

G19a G19b G19c G19d
G19e G19f G19g G19h
G19i G19j

Issue Greetings (Eto Calligraphy)
First Day December 1, 2006
Values 800 yen (80 yen x 10)
Quantity 10,000,000 copies each
Designs G19a '''' by the semicursive style (Minagawa Gashu)
G19b '''' by kinbun style (Usuda Tousen)
G19c '''' by reisho style (Hayashi Shouen)
G19d '''' by the former Japanese cursive syllabary
(Yamazaki Kyouko)
G19e '''' kinbun style (Sugano Seihou)
G19f '''' kinbun style (Seki Masato)
G19h '''' kinbun style (Nakano Hokumei)
G19i '''' tensho style (Sadamasa Shoutou)
G19j '''' reisho style (Kamigori Aichiku)
Designers Morita Motoharu (stamp designer)
Printing Offset in 5 colors and embossing
Stamp Size 28.05 x 36.5 mm
Sheet 10 stamps sheet
Printer Cartor Security Printing

The data are based on the publicity of Japan Post.

[Note on Stamps]
According to Eto, the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, 2007 is the year of I (boar).
The stamps depict the characters for ''I (/)'' in various calligraphic styles.

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