World Heritage the Third Series II

C2005a-1 C2005b-2
C2005c-3 C2005d-4 C2005e-5 C2005f-6
C2005g-7 C2005h-8 C2005i-9 C2005j-10

IssueWorld Heritage the Third Series II
''Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range ''
First DayMarch 23, 2007
Value80 yen x 10, se-tenant block of 10
Design C2005a-1 Yoshinomikumari-Shrine : Main-Shrine
C2005b-2 Yoshinomikumari-Shrine : Decoration of the gate
C2005c-3 Ohmineokugakemichi
C2005d-4 Kumanohayatama Taisha : Main-Shrine
C2005e-5 Kumanohayatama Taisha : The face of the Main-Shrine
C2005f-6 Kumanohayatama Taisha : ''Kumanofusuminoohkamizazou''(National Treasure)
C2005g-7 Kumanosankeimichinakahechi : Hidehira-cherry, Nonaka
C2005h-8 Kumanosankeimichinakahechi : Stone image of Buddha in Hashiori-pass ''Gyu-ba-douzi''
C2005i-9 Kongousanmaiin : Tahou-tou
C2005j-10 Kongousanmaiin : Kyouzou
Photographers Benrido Co. Photographer of C2005a-1, C2005b-2, C2005i-9, C2005j-10
Maeda Akira Photographer of C2005c-3
Hibi Sadao Photographer of C2005d-4, C2005e-5, C2005g-7
Kanematsu Fumiaki Photographer of C2005h-8
Maeda Shinzo Photographer of sheet margin
Photograph provided by Osaka Municipal Museum of Art : C2005f-6
LayoutKanematsu Fumiaki (Stamp Designer)
PrintingPhotogravure in 6 colors
Sheet size140.2 x 212.5 mm Sheet

The data are based on the publicity of Japan Post.

[Note on the Stamps]
On July 7, 2004, "Sacred sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range" was appointed to be the twelfth World Heritage in Japan, included three religious sites: Yoshino, Kumano, and Koyasan and the pilgrimage routes among them. This is the second issue of the Third Series which started on June 23, 2006.

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