Greetings-Winter 2008 (Self-adhesive sheet)
(Lots of Candies)

G29a G29b G29c G29d G29e

IssueGreetings-Winter 2008 (Self-adhesive sheet)
(Lots of Candies)
First DayDecember 8, 2008
Value50 yen x 5, sheet of five
G29a - Star & Star (Koide Masaki)
G29b - Stage (Hoshiyama Ayaka)
G29c - Good friends (Kuroi Ken)
G29d - Dance (Nagata Moe)
G29e - Chick (Arai Sonoko)
DesignerHoshiyama Ayaka (stamp designer)
Size G29a-d: 22.5 x 27.0 mm, vertical
G29e : 25.2 x 25.5 mm
Sheet Size 187.0 x 67.5mm, horizontal Sheet
PrintingOffset in 6 colors

Greetings-Winter 2008 (Self-adhesive sheet)

G30a G30b G30c G30d G30e

Issue Greetings-Winter 2008 (Self-adhesive sheet)
First Day December 8, 2008
Value 80 yen x 5, sheet of five
Designs G30a - Good friends (Kuroi Ken)
G30b - Gift (Nagata Moe)
G30c - Blue bird (Arai Sonoko)
G30d - Happy tone (Koide Masaki)
G30e - Fruit (Arai Sonoko)
Designer Hoshiyama Ayaka (stamp designer)
Size G30a : 30.9 x 24.1mm
G30b : 21.8 x 30.4mm
G30c : 23.0 x 30.7mm
G30d : 23.2 x 30.9mm
G30e : 22.4 x 31.1mm
Sheet Size 187.0 x 67.5mm, horizontal Sheet
Printing Offset in 6 colors

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[Small Note on Stamps]
The stamps depict the works by popular illustrators and picture book authors in Japan. The stamps are suitable for various occasions in Winter.