Hometowns-Scenes in My Heart Series 4

R730a R730b R730c R730d
R730e R730f
R730g R730h R730i R730j

IssueHometowns-Scenes in My Heart Series 4
First DayMarch 2, 2009
Value80 x 10, sheet of ten
Sheet 10 stamps (2 x 5) Sheet
R730a - Nishitama, Tokyo (Plow a field)
R730b - Katta, Miyagi Pref. (Children planting rice)
R730c - Yamagata, Hiroshima Pref. (I'm home)
R730d - Iwanai, Hokkaido (Spring of the northern region)
R730e - Kyoto, Kyoto (Field of Astragalus sinicus)
R730f - Hita, Oita Pref. (Karausu)
R730g - Numazu, Shizuoka Pref. (Take a break)
R730h - Izumo, Shimane Pref. (Red train)
R730i - Kishima, Saga Pref. (Kudo-zukuri)
R730j - Hosu, Ishikawa Pref. (Small post office)
Designer Harada Taiji (painter)
Printing Photogravure in 6 colors
Size 25.0 x 35.5 mm, vertical

Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalog (JSCA) & SAKURA Catalog numbers are adopted.

[Note on the Stamps]
The stamps depict the artworks by Harada Taiji, which show various scenes of the hometowns in many parts of the country, that bring back the old memories. The theme of the fourth series is "Landscapes in Spring".

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