150th Anniversary of the Idea of the ICRC

C2054a C2054b

Issue 150th Anniversary of the Idea of the ICRC
First Day May 8, 2009
Values 80 yen x 2 (se-tenant pair)
Designs C2054a - Portrait of Henry Dunant
C2054b - Poster art and a symbol of the ICRC
Designer Nakamaru Hitomi (stamp designer)
Printing Offset in 5 colors
Size 25.0 x 35.5 mm, vertical
Sheet 10 stamps (2 x 5) Sheet
Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalog (JSCA) & SAKURA Catalog numbers are adopted.

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(Small Notes for the issue)
The idea of the ICRC all started when a Swiss man, Henry Dunant, traveled to Italy in 1859, and witnessed the Battle of Solferino. He then proposed to organize the national voluntary organizations to help wounded soldiers in the case of war. This idea lead to the foundation of The International Committee of the Red Cross. To commemorate the 150th Anniversary of this idea, two stamps were issued.