150th Anniversary of Opening the Port in Japan "Hakodate"

C2058a C2058b C2058c C2058d
C2058e C2058f
C2058g C2058h C2058i C2058j

Issue 150th Anniversary of Opening the Port in Japan "Hakodate"
First Day June 2, 2009
Value 80 yen x 10, sheet of ten
Designs C2058a - Hakodate Shinkei 1 (detail)
C2058b - Hakodate Shinkei 2 (detail)
C2058c - Night view of Hakodate Port 1
C2058d - Night view of Hakodate Port 2
C2058e - Ships crossing the port 1
C2058f - Ships crossing the port 2
C2058g - Hachiman-zaka and Hakodate Port
C2058h - Orthodox Church of Hakodate
(Important cultural property)
C2058i - Kyu-Sanbashi and Hakodate Port
C2058j - Hakodate Park and Hakodate Port
Printing Offset in 6 colors
Size a-f : 28.0 x 35.5 mm
g-j : 25.0 x 35.5 mm
Sheet 10 stamps (2 x 5) Sheet
Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalog (JSCA) & SAKURA Catalog numbers are adopted.

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(Small Notes for the issue)
In 1854, The Tokugawa shogunate agreed to open the ports in Hakodate, Niigata, Yokohama, Kobe, and Nagasaki as first international trade ports in Japan. In 1859, first three ports of Hakodate, Yokohama, and Nagasaki were opened. To commemorate its 150th anniversary, stamps depict the painting of those days, a night view of each port, and the incorporating elements of western culture within each city.