Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers (Self-adhesive)

C2061a C2061b
C2061c C2061d

Issue Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers (Self-adhesive)
First Day June 30, 2009
Value 80 yen x 4
意匠 C2061a - Polar Bear C2061b - Weddel Seal
C2061c - Arctic Fox C2061d - Adelie Penguin
Designer Hoshiyama Ayaka (stamp designer)
Printing Offset in 6 colors・Hologram
Size 31.1 x 38.5 mm
Sheet Size 80.0 x 120.0 mm Sheet
Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalog (JSCA) & SAKURA Catalog numbers are adopted.

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(Small Notes for the issue)
To commemorate the fourth International Polar Year (2007-2009) and drawing attention to protection of polar regions and glaciers, a joint project of 42 countries set up at the initiative of the presidents of Finland and Chile. The official emblem of an ice crystal and the word "Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers" were adopted as a common feature of all miniature sheets. For the first time, Japan Post has produced a hologram stamp.