100th Anniversary of The Japan Academy Prize

C2078a C2078b C2078c
C2078d C2078e


Issue 100th Anniversary of The Japan Academy Prize
First Day June 7, 2010
Value 80 yen x 5 , sheet of ten
Designs C2078a - Symbol of the Japan Academy
C2078b - Newspaper photographs and diplomas conveying the first award ceremony
C2078c - Place where first award ceremony was held
C2078d - The former building of the Academy
C2078e - Naganaki-dori
Designer Kaifuchi Junko (stamp designer)
Printing Offset in 6 colors
Size 25.0 x35.5mm
Sheet 10 stamps (2 x 5) Sheet

Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalog (JSCA) & SAKURA Catalog numbers are adopted.

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(Small Notes for the issue)
Japan Academy Prize is awarded to persons who have achieved notable research landmarks or who have authored outstanding academic papers or books. To commemorate 100th anniversary of the establishment, special stamps, which depict a symbol of the Japan Academy and a scene of an award ceremony, were issued.