3-yen Definitive Stamp

Issue 3-yen Definitive Stamp
Tamias sibiricus
First Day February 2, 2015
Values ¥3 x 1
Designs Tamias sibiricus
Designer Hoshiyama Ayaka (stamp designer)
Printing Photogravure in 3 colors
Size 18.5 x 22.5 mm, vertical
Sheet 100 stamps (10 x 10)
Catalogue No. 703

Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalog (JSCA) & SAKURA Catalog numbers are adopted.

[Note on the Stamps]
New definitive stamps were issued, following the design theme of revised definitive stamps issued on 2014 March 3, "The Nature of Japan." The motif of 3-yen definitive stamp is Tamias sibiricus, family of Sciuridae with characterictics of five black stripes on its back. In Japan, Tamias sibiricus lineatus lives in Hokkaido, and is popular as pets.

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