Eto Calligraphy

G112a G112b G112c
G112d G112e G112f
G112g G112h G112i G112j

Issue Eto Calligraphy
First Day October 29, 2015
Value ¥82 x 10, sheet of ten
Designs G112a -g in kinbun of the Western Zhou period
(Ishitobi Hakko)
G112b - in seal engraving based on Kinbuntai style
(Seki Masato)
G112c - based on the oracle bone script of the Yin Dynasty
(Sagawa Unsou)
G112d - in the oracle bone script of the Yin Dynasty
(Hori Kikko)
G112e - in shoten style (Tsujimoto Daiun)
G112f - in hiragana (Yamazaki Kyoko)
G112g - in gyosho style (Nakagawa Kyoji)
G112h - in gyosho style (Yoshizawa Syukoh)
G112i - of the oracle bone script (Suzuki Kyosen)
G112j - in tenreitai style (Watanabe Kaizan)
Designer Kaifuchi Junko (stamp designer)
Printing Offset in 5 colors and embossing
Size 28.05 x 36.5 mm, vertical
Sheet 10 stamps Sheet

Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalog (JSCA) & SAKURA Catalog numbers are adopted.

[Note on the Stamps]
According to the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, 2016 is the year of Saru (, Monkey). The stamps depict the characters for "Saru" in various calligraphic styles. Salvage of the sheet shows "Miyama", Yamaguchi Kayo's work (The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto).

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