G7 Ise-Shima Summit 2016

C2260a C2260b
C2260c C2260d C2260e C2260f
C2260g C2260h C2260i C2260j

Issue G7 Ise-Shima Summit 2016
First Day April 26, 2016
Value ¥ 82 x 10, sheet of ten
Designs C2260a - Pearl and Ago Bay 1
C2260b - Pearl and Ago Bay 2
C2260c - Kentish plover
C2260d - Isuzu River and Uji Bridge of Ise Grand Shrine 1
C2260e - Isuzu River and Uji Bridge of Ise Grand Shrine 2
C2260f - Japanese iris
C2260g - Japanese spiny lobster
C2260h - Meotoiwa
C2260i - Daiozaki
C2260j - Ise paper and Iga kumihimo (braided cord)
Designer Tamaki Akira (stamp designer)
Printing Offset in 6 colors
Size C2260a, C2260b : 28.0x38.5mm, vertical
C2260c-j : 28.0 x 35.5mm, vertical
Sheet 10 stamps            Sheet

Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalog (JSCA) & SAKURA Catalog numbers are adopted.

[Note on the Stamps]

The stamps are issued to commemorate the G7 Summit to be held in Ise-Shima region, Mie Prefecture on May 26 and 27, 2016. The G7 Summit is a meeting in which leaders of Japan, the Unites States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Canada, the president of the European Council, and the president of the European Commission participate. This is the sixth time for Japan to host this meeting.

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