Japanese Night View Series No.3

 C2319a  C2319b  C2319c  C2319d
 C2319e  C2319f  C2319g  C2319h
 C2319i  C2319j

Issue Japanese Night View Series No.3
First Day June 9, 2017
Value ¥82 x 10
Designs C2319a - Sky Gate Bridge R
C2319b - Meriken Park
C2319c - Autumn leaves of Kodaiji Temple
C2319d - Nagoya TV Tower viewed from Oasis 21
C2319e - Gifu city viewed from Gifu Castle Tower
C2319f - Shimizu Port and Mt. Fuji viewed from Nihondaira
C2319g - Suwa Lake Fireworks Festival
C2319h - Autumn Moon Viewing Festival at Ishiyamadera Temple
C2319i - Echigo Hillside National Government Park
C2319j - Sekijuku
Designer Maruyama Satoru (stamp designer)
Printing Offset in 6 colors
Size 25.0 x 35.5mm,vertical
Sheet 10stamps@@@@ Sheet
Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalog (JSCA) & SAKURA Catalog numbers are adopted.

[Note on the Stamps]

This is the third issue of Japanese Night View Series which introduce famous night view across Japan and views of illuminated sightseeing spots. The third series depict the night view of Chubu and Kinki region.

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