Okoshi Daiko Traditional Drum Festival

IssueOkoshi Daiko Traditional Drum Festival
Date of Issue19 March 1998 (Heisei 10)
Denomination80 yen
Quantity12,400,000 copies
DesignOkoshi Daiko Traditional Drum Festival
Image Area22.5 x 33.0 mm, vertical
PrintingPhotogravure in 5 colours
Sheet20 stamps (4 x 5)
DesignerTaguchi Aiko
Sold atPost offices in Toukai, and
the post offices (1) and (2)
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First Day of
Issue Postmark
Hida-furukawa Post Office
Catalog No.R236

Okoshi Daiko Traditional Drum Festival, Pane

IssueOkoshi Daiko Traditional Drum Festival, Pane
Price800 yen (80 yen x 10)
Quantity360,000 panes
Pane Size51.0 x 190.0 mm, vertical
Pane10 stamps (2 x 5)
Catalog No.R236P

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(Small Notes for the Issue)

"Okoshi Daiko," a traditional drum festival of Hida region for over four hundred years, is one of he Important Intangible Culture Properties in Japan. The stamp depicts the procession of a float for a drum in Hida-Furukawa, the town of white walls and earthen warehouses.