Shirone Big Kite Battle

Shirone Big Kite Battle
Shirone Big Kite Battle

IssueShirone Big Kite Battle
Date of Issue1 June 1999 (Heisei 11)
Denomination80 yen x 2, (se-tenant pair of 80 yen)
Designs314 & 315: Shirone Big Kite Battle
Quantity 7,950,000 se-tenant pairs
Image Area24.0 x 33.0 millimeters
PrintingOffset in 5 colours
Sheet20 stamps (two se-tenant pairs x 5)
DesignerItou Eiichi
Sold atPost offices in Shin'etsu, and
the appointed post offices
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First Day of
Issue Postmark
Shirone Post Office

Shirone Big Kite Battle, Pane

IssueShirone Big Kite Battle, Pane
Price800 yen (80 yen x 10)
Pane Size51.0 x 190.0 millimeters
Pane10 stamps (a se-tenant pair x 5)
Catalog No.R315P

Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalog (JSCA) & SAKURA Catalog numbers are adopted.

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(Small Notes for the Issue)

R314-315: Shirone Big Kite Battle has a tradition of 300 years, which is annually held in June. Shirone is at the center of the Niigata plain. People fly big kites from the both sides over the river Nakanokuchi (80 meters wide), try to tangle the ropes of each other, and draw the ropes until they are cut. The kites are usually 5 by 7 meters. Shirone people broke the Guiness world record by launching a kite measuring 14.10 by 19.07 meters in March 1980.