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Minamotono Yoritomo

IssueMinamotono Yoritomo
Date of Issue2 September 1999 (Heisei 11)
Denomination80 yen
DesignMinamotono Yoritomo
Quantity 13,000,000 copies
Image Area25.5 x 36.0 millimeters
PrintingOffset in 5 colours
Sheet20 stamps (4 x 5)
DesignerHirayama Ikuo (Traditional Japanese Painter)
Sold atPost offices in Kantou, and
the appointed post offices
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First Day of
Issue Postmark
Kamakura Post Office
Catalog No.R346

Minamotono Yoritomo, Pane

IssueMinamotono Yoritomo, Pane
Price800 yen (80 yen x 10)
Pane Size51.0 x 190.0 millimeters
Pane10 stamps (2 x 5)
Catalog No.R346P

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(Small Notes for the Issue)

Minamotono Yoritomo (1147-1199) was the founder of the Kamakura shogunate (1192-1333). Military chronicles such as the Heike Monogatari, Gikeiki, and Gempei Jousuiki (Seisuiki) portray Yoritomo as shrewd, calculating, and even ruthless; however, it was these very qualities that enabled him to establish Japan's first worrior government, the basic structure of which would survive for nearly 700 years.

The commemorative stamp was issued on 2 September 1999 since the year marks the 800th anniversary of Yoritomo's death and the day has been chosen that the first day of issue postmark shows 1192 (the 11th year of Heisei, September 2nd: 1192 was the year when Yoritomo founded the Kamakura shogunae).