What is JPS?

Japan Philatelic Society, Foundation,
The Only National Organization for Stamp Collectors in Japan

Japan Philatelic Society (JPS) was founded on July 25, 1946, soon after the World War II. Since its foundation, JPS has been active in forming local chapters and study groups, publishing magazines and catalogues, and organizing stamp exhibitions, to expand and develop philately in Japan. On June 19, 1982, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications appointed JPS to be a foundation appreciating its continued services to stamp collectors and philately. In fact, JPS is the only public service corporation run by stamp collectors for the benefit of the collectors themselves. Now JPS has a membership of 30,000 all over Japan. Its office is on the fourth floor of Philatelic Museum in Mejiro, Tokyo.

JPS aims to assist stamp collectors in Japan. There are more than one hundred local chapters, meetings and study groups in JPS, which all welcome stamp collectors young and old in Japan.

JPS is the organization for the stamp collectors living in Japan.

Local Chapters

There are many local chapters of JPS, which are grouped by the regions: Hokkaidou, Tohoku, Kanto & Tokyo, Koshinetsu, Hokuriku, Chubu & Tokai, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu & Okinawa. All chapters are open to local residents.

Collector's Meetings

Aerophilately, Fisheries, Insects, Motorcars, Motorcycles, Music, Railways, Rotary Club & Lions Club, Ships, Sports / Great Britain, China, China (in Osaka), Germany, Korea, Scandinavian Countries, Taiwan, United States, Foreign Countries, Foreign Countries (in Kansai) / Japanese Current Stamps; Japanese Stationery, Kiku & Tazawa, Koban, Ryukyu, Vocational Stamp / Beginners / PC-Philately / Auditory Handicapped People's Stamp Club

Collector's Study Groups

Aerophilately, Person, Fisheries, Insects, Literature & Children's stpry, Meter Stamps, Motorcycles, Music, Plants, Railways, Rotary Club & Lions Club, Ships, The Universe / Great Britain, China, Germany, Korea, Poland, Scandinavian Countries, United States / Kiku & Tazawa; Ryukyu / PC-Philately / Picture


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