*International Cultual Exchange

To promote international cultural exchange, enhance understanding and build amicable relationship between Japan and foreign countries, JPS has been promoting international cultural exchange activities through postal stamps referred as a small diplomat, and other related materials.

Hosting Stamp Exhibitions as International Cultural Exchange Activities

Name: 150th Anniversary of the establishment of displomatic relations between Germany and Japan,German stamps-authorized project for 150th Anniversary of the establishment of displomatic relations between Germany and Japan
Schedule: Nov. 4 Fri – Nov. 6 Sun, 2011
Venue: Sunshine City Bunka Kaikan

Name: Japan World Stamp Exhibition 2011- PHILANIPPON 2011
Theme: Stamps Link the World
Schedule: July 28 Thurs – Aug. 2 Sun, 2011
Venue: PACIFICO YOKOHAMA, Exhibition Hall A and B

Name: 150th anniversary of stamp issue in Poland, Poland stamps-authorized as project for 200th anniversary of Frederic Chopin’ Birth
Schedule: Nov. 12 Fri – Nov. 14 Sun, 2010
Venue: Sunshine City Bunka Kaikan

Name: Anniversary of Japan-Finland Joint Stamp Issue, Finland Stamps
Schedule: Nov. 8 Mon, 2010
Venue: Gallery space at Finland Embassy

  Austria   Hungary
Name: 140th Anniversary of the establishment of displomatic relations between Austria-Hungary and Japan, Stamps in Habsburg Empire
Schedule: Oct. 30 Fri – Nov. 1 Sun, 2009
Venue: Sunshine City Bunka Kaikan

Name: Sweden Stamps and Anniversary Coins/Medals
Schedule: Sep. 16 Thurs – Oct. 17 Thurs, 2009
Venue: Gallery space at Sweden Embassy

Name: Anniversary of Japan - Brazil Friendship,Brazil Stamps
Schedule: Nov. 1 Sat – Nov. 3 Mon, National Holiday, 2008
Venue: Sunshine City Bunka Kaikan

Name: 120th Anniversary of Japan - Thailand Diplomatic Relations, Thailand Stamps authorized as project for 120th Anniversary of Japan - Thailand Diplomatic Relations
Schedule: Nov. 2 Fri – Nov. 4 Sun, 2007
Venue: Sunshine City Bunka Kaikan

  United Kingdom
Name: Meeting Peter Rabbit – the World of Children Books in United Kingdom
Schedule: April 28 Sat – April 30 Mon, National Holiday, 2007
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center

Booth Activities at International Philatelic Exhibitions

Name: 27th Asian International Stamp Exhibition- CHINA 2011
Place: Wuxi, China
Schedule: Nov. 11 Fri – Nov. 15 Tue, 2011
Venue: Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center

Name: World Philatelic Exhibition- PORTUGAL 2010
Place: Lisbon, Portugal
Schedule: Oct. 1 Fri – Oct. 10 Sun, 2010
Venue: International Fair of Lisbon
Japan Post Booth (Agency)

Name: 25th Asian International Stamp Exhibition– BANGKOK 2010
Place: Bangkok, Thailand
Schedule: Aug. 4 Wed. – Aug. 12 Thurs, 2010
Venue: Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
Japan Post Booth (Agency)

  United Kingdom
Name: World Philatelic Exhibition- LONDON 2010
Place: London, United Kingdom
Schedule: May 8 Sat – May 15 Fri, 2010
Venue: Business Design Center
Japan Post Booth (Agency)

Name: Expo 2010 Shanghai China
Place: Shanghai, China
Schedule: May 1 Sat – Oct. 31 Sun, 2010
Venue: Shanghai Expo, Japanese Industry Pavilion, Future Post Offices
Japan Post Holdings Booth (Agency)

Name: 24th Asian International Stamp Exhibition- PHILAKOREA 2009
Place: Seoul, Republic of Korea
Schedule: July 30 Thurs – Aug. 4 Tue, 2009
Venue: COEX Indian Hall
Japan Post Booth (Agency)

Name: World Philatelic Exhibition– CHINA2009
Place:  Louyang, China
Schedule: April 10 Fri. – April 16 Thurs, 2009
Venue: Luoyang Folklore Museum
Japan Post Booth (Agency)

Name: OLYMPIC EXPO Beijing 2008
Place:  Beijing, China
Schedule: Aug. 8 Fri - Aug. 18 Mon, 2008
Venue: Beijin Exhibition Hall
Japan Post Booth (Agency)

Name: 21th Asian International Stamp Exhibition- TAIPEI 2008
Place: Taipei, Taiwan
Schedule: March 7 Fri – March 11 Tue, 2008
Venue: Taipei World Trade Center

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