World Heritage the second series 7

C1802a C1802b C1802c
C1802d C1802e C1802f C1802g
C1802h C1802i C1802j

IssueWorld Heritage the second series 7
First DayJune 21, 2002
Values800 yen( 80 yen x 10 )
Quantity3,000,000 sheets
Designs C1802a : Toudaiji Temple, great Buddha hall C1802b : Toudaiji Temple, great south gate
C1802c : Toudaiji Temple, engraving on lotus petal C1802d : Toudaiji Temple, "Koumokuten," one of
the four heavenly kings at the ordination hall
C1802e : Toudaiji Temple, the lotus hall C1802f : Koufukuji Temple, five-storey pagoda
C1802g : Koufukuji Temple, north round hall C1802h : Koufukuji Temple, "Ashura," Buddhist
guardian deity
C1802i : Koufukuji Temple, head of Buddha C1802j : Koufukuji Temple, Oni (ogre) putting
dragon lantern on its head
Sheet Size 140.25 x 212.5 mm@ sheet
PrintingPhotogravure in 6 colors
Photographer@ Irie Taikichi
Ogawa Kouzou
DesignerMorita Motoharu ( public services designer)

The data are based onPostal Services Agency's publicity.

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