Greeting, Summer 2006

G14a G14b G14c G14d G14d
IssueGreetings, Summer 2006 "Sea and Flowers" (Self-adhesive sheet)
First Day30 June 2006
Sold Price300 yen
Value50 yen x 5
G14a Queen-of-the-night (Nagata Moe) 22.5mm x 27.5mm
G14b Church (Murai Masayuki) 22.5mm x 27.0mm
G14c Bouquet (Arai Sonoko) 22.7mm x 27.5mm
G14d Dolphin (Watanabe Hiroshi) 22.5mm x 27.0mm
G14e Hibiscus (Murakami Tsutomu) 22.5mm x 27.0mm
PrintingOffset in 5 colours and "Hotstamp"
Sheet5 stamps, sheet
Sheet Size187.0mm x 85.0mm@

G15a G15b G15c G15d G15e
Issue Greetings, Summer 2006 "Strelitzia" (Self-adhesive sheet)
First Day 30 June 2006
Sold Price 800 yen
Value 80 yen x 5
G15a Cattleya (Arai Sonoko) 25.4mm x 35.5mm
G15b Lupin (Nagata Moe) 25.6mm x 35.5mm
G15c Orange (Arai Sonoko) 25.9mm x 35.5mm
G15d Parrot (Murakami Tsutomu) 25.0mm x 35.5mm
G15e@ Trumpet creeper (Nagata Moe) 25.5mm x 36.2mm
Printing Offset in 5 colours and "Hotstamp"
Sheet 5 stamps, sheet
Sheet Size 187.0mm x 85.0mm@

The data are based on the Publicity of Japan Post.

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[Note on Stamps]
The stamps depict the pictures of illustrators and picture-book artists in Japan for the use of various occasions in summer. The sheet also bears self-adhesive seals to decorate or seal the mail. "Hotstamp" technique is adopted to transfer metallic or plastic foil by high pressure and high temperature for the special effects and price.