Greetings International (Joint Issue with Singapore Post)

G16a G16b G16c G16d
G16e G16f

Issue Greetings International (Joint Issue with Singapore Post)
First Day 3 October, 2006
Sold Price 500 yen
Values 50 yen x 2 90 yen 110 yen sold at 500 yen
G16a Vanda Miss Joaquim 25.2 x 34.7mm
G16b Mokara Lion's Gold 25.2 x 34.7mm
G16c Vanda Mimi Palmer 25.2 x 34.7mm
G16d Renanthera Singaporean 25.2 x 34.7mm
G16e Hollyhock and White Heron 50.4 x 34.7mm
G16f Japanese Iris and Moorhen 50.4 x 34.7mm
Layout Morita Motoharu (stamp designer)
Printing Offset in 6 colors and ''Hotstamp''
Sheet 6 stamps, sheet
Sheet Size 127.0 x 187.0 mm, horizontal

The data are based onthe Publicity of Japan Post.

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[Note on Stamps]
Celebrating Japan and Singapore's 40th anniversary of its diplomacy, The Both Japan Post and Singapore Post launch the joint issue. The stamps picturize four orchids from Singapore as for 50s yen and 80s yen and depict two scenes from "Flowers and Birds of the Four Seasons", the paiting work by Sakai Hoitsu as for 90 yen and 110 yen. The sheet also bears self-adhesive seals to decorate or seal the mail. "Hotstamp" technique is adopted to transfer metallic or plastic foil by high pressure and high temperature for the special effects and price.