Maruoka Castle

R674b R674c R674d R674e

Issue Maruoka Castle
Prefecture Fukui
First Day 3 April 2006
Quantity R674a 2,400,000 copies
R674b-e 4,000,000 se-tenant strips of 4
Denominations 80 yen x 5
Designs R674a "Ippitsu-keijo," (Dear my love)
R674b Maruoka Castle in spring
R674c Maruoka Castle in summer
R674d Maruoka Castle in autumn
R674e Maruoka Castle in winter
Size 22.5 x 36.0 mm
Printing Offset in 5 colours
Sheet 20 stamps (4 x 5), sheet
Designers Kimura Seiji (designer and modern artist)
Printer Toppan Printing Co.

The data are based on the Publicity of Japan Post.

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[Small Note on Stamps]
Maruoka Castle was built in 1576 by Shibata Katsutoyo. It is famous for its castle tower, which is the oldest existing one in Japan and appointed to be one of the important cultural property.
The letter known to be the shortest in Japan was written by Honda Shigetsugu (1529-1596), the father of the lord of Maruoka. The letter reads as follows: "Dear my love, Beware of Fire. Don't make Sen (the name of eldest son) cry. Feed the horses well."