Eto Calligraphy

G79a G79b G79c
G79d G79e G79f
G79g G79h G79i G79j

Issue Eto Calligraphy
Value ¥80 x 10, sheet of ten
Designs G79a - ""in manyo-kana style (Akimoto Kou)
G79b - ""in oracle bone script, seal cutting (Seki Masato)
G79c - "": in Qin Dynasty bamboo roll calligraphy
(Naganuma Toseki)
G79d - ""in Western Zhou Dynasty kinbun style script on
Duke Mao Tripod (Ohira Masaaki)
G79e - ""in sosho style (Takahashi Seigo)
G79f -""in kaisho style (Mizukawa Shuho)
G79g - ""in gyosho style (Ishida Keiho)
G79h -""in kana (Uchiyama Reiko)
G79i - ""in seal style caligraphy used in Warring States
period of China (Kobushi Chikuson)
G79j - "" in Katakana (Suzuki Matsuko)
Designer Kaifuchi Junko (stamp designer)
Printing Offset in 5 colors and embossing
Size 28.05 x 36.5 mm, vertical
Sheet 10 stamps Sheet

Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalog (JSCA) & SAKURA Catalog numbers are adopted.

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(Small Notes for the issue)
According to the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, 2014 is the year of Kinoeuma (, Horse). The stamps depict the characters for "Kinoeuma" in various calligraphic styles. Salvage of the sheet shows "Ponies" by Japanese-style painter, Yamaguchi Kayo.